Jun 13


I am starting a feature,”The Best of Alaska Rose”, that are posts I have compiled and done some light editing on that my hero, Alaska Rose, has written on the APN Forum over the past several months. Why the NC Forum? Alaska Rose has been active on our NC Forum and is an official NC forum member. She also exemplifies the qualities and has the skills that my NC ancestors undoubtedly would have felt at home with.

First, here is an introduction to Alaska Rose in her words. Watch for her advice in future posts about canning, cleaning game, building a cabin, getting rid of a lazy man, building your own solar system, etc.

First place I ever built. It is 14 feet into bedrock at the back. Easy to heat in Winter and cool all Summer.

Hi, I moved up here from Oregon, in 1969. I’m 67, my Mom, living here also, is 89. I live north of Fairbanks, towards the Yukon river. I have worked as a gold miner, a Registered Hunting Guide, and a Fishing Guide. I moved out here a few years ago, lived in a tent the first summer while building my roads and building pads, then started constructing a home. Since then, have built a home for my Mom. My daughter and 2 of her kids and I built her a nice home here, also. I’m really glad we don’t have to mess with permits and building inspectors. We are working toward being more self sufficient as we go. I have been a widow since 1988. There are no power lines here, no phone service either. However, I do have intermittent internet service through satellite.

I have 11 grandkids including the stepkids’ kids, and one greatgrandkid. Eight of the grandkids live within 70 miles of here. So does the greatgrandkid.

I operate heavy equipment, do goldsmithing, registered hunting Guide and fishing guide, although I have let those licenses lapse. Also let my boiler operator license lapse and sawmill operator license. I do taxidermy work, build our homes and shop, and yes, I would enjoy male companionship. I do not HAVE to have a man around, but like men very much. Some men might be intimidated, but a true friend and companion would not be.


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