Feb 28

First Trip to the LDS Cannery LongTerm Food Storage Bulk Food Supply Pick Up

East coast prepper and his trip to the cannery:

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  1. Jason from Asheville

    Hey, I am from Asheville. I went to the Columbia SC cannery last month. First time trip. I called there and to greensboro this week and they won't take non-church members who dont show up with a member escort. Do you know anyone in the church who would go with you.

  2. Anonymous

    I had read somewhere that they WOULD accept not church members if you donated some time in their cannery, like 2 hours or something. Was that not your experience?
    My wife and I were interested in purchasing from them, and were eager to doante our time, but if they've "closed the doors' so to speak to 'outsiders' then maybe we'll go elsewhere.
    Thanks for any responses.

    1. anonomys

      I am in southeastern north carolina can anyone tell me where the cannerrries are and if I need appointment etc. Or where I cqn buy wheat in bulk around here. I am in a farming community and can buy untreated whet by the 25 lb bag (horse feed) but I am not sure if this is edible etc. Can not seem to locate any other way besided expensive web sites any info out there would be appriciated

  3. lissee

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to an LDS cannery, (I’m LDS) but when I went, I was able to buy and can (in #10 cans) general food staples (like the OP mentioned). While there, I also helped can some items for other people as well.

    Time at a cannery (when you actually can items you pick up) is tightly scheduled, and you usually go with a team of people (group of 6-8) to run the machines, can your food, box it up, and set it to the side. It’s all volunteer, and you can’t do it with just a couple people.

    Your best bet to getting access to an LDS Cannery, is to just look up where a local LDS congregation meets, go to the lds.org website, it will show times and locations for worship services, just show up and politely ask around. Sometimes each congregation will have an “Emergency Preparedness Coordinator”, you could ask for them. Or just let someone know you’d like to speak to a member of the Relief Society Presidency or Bishopric. :) If it’s in the middle of church services, you might have to wait around a bit to talk to someone.

    One of these people can help you find out where the closest LDS cannery is, what the rules are for that location, and perhaps help put together a group of people you could go with. I seem to remember that some of the congregations I’ve attended would go to the cannery twice a year. You might have to wait for the next trip.

    Oh, and lastly, its an all-volunteer operation, so be nice to the little old ladies telling you exactly how they’d like you to clean up the canning areas after you’ve finished canning. :) Also, FYI, you don’t “need” to can what you buy, you can just buy bags of things as the OP showed.

    If you’d like to just buy pre-canned starter packs or 25# bags of whatever, it might be simpler to get in (aka, you won’t have to wait for an opening to use the cannery). Again, just ask someone at your local LDS church to put you in contact with a member of the Relief Society Presidency and they can help find out what the rules are for the cannery nearest you.

    Happy Prepping. :)

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