Jan 09

Pest Control for Preppers Especially When The Grid Is Down

by getawayman

Hello to all.. My intent with this thread is to share some of my experience and knowledge in an area that does not get much exposure. Pest Control. I have been prepping for a little over three years now. I have read many books and articles, many blogs and have talked with other preppers. The one topic that gets virtually no attention is pest control. Now I know that it may not seem like much, But bugs and rodents can create real problems, not only for our stores, but also our familys.

I have been a commericially licensed pest control technician, “exterminator”, for over twenty years. I have worked in both the residential and commercial sectors. I have seen first hand the destruction that pests can do to a home. From severe cockroach infestations to rats and mice rendering properties uninhabitable. Not to mention the diseases that they can carry. Remember the Bubonic Plauge?
But what happens when you can’t reach someone like me or you can’t reach anyone? (My motto, “Always think worst case senario”)

As Knowledge is Power and Caring is Sharing… how corny is that!…I would like to offer my insights and wisdom on a variety of topics that hopefully none of us will experience. Imagine going to your stores to rotate stock or take inventory and finding that twenty-five pound bag of rice full of little white worms with red heads (Indian Meal Moths). Belive me, it happens. It doesn’t matter where you live, what your income level is or how clean you keep your home. Bugs Don’t Care.

I do not advocate the random spraying of pesticides all over the place with the hope of killing whatever happens to be in the area. While this may be fun and exciting, it is NOT the safest or most effective. My goal has always been to provide pest control with the least impact to people, pets and the things we care about. I have used a more homeopathic approach to pest control that anyone can learn and anyone can use when you can’t reach a qualified pest control operator. Not that the proper application of materials isn’t warranted from time to time.

The first topic I will be discussing is “Mice, Furry Little Ninjas” in the next week or so. I would love to answer your questions, hear your stories and share my experiences, not just about the topic at hand, but anything pest related. Should you have a question or topic idea that you would like to learn more about, please send me a message and I will respond.
I look forward to hearing from you
God Bless

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  1. white dove

    just thought i would share this with u. There is a product out called cedar cide and it is great at keeping away the bugs. We use this on our 2 boarder collies for ticks and fleas. It can also be sprayed around your house and is safe both 4 humans and pets ceder is a natural bug out. My grandparents closets were lined with ceder. I would like to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you
    White Dove

  2. mdiprepper

    Thanks for the information ? Do you have any ideas about a natural way to get rid of fireants

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