Feb 09

Undocumented Immigrant Sues After Being Denied Driver’s License in North Carolina

This article was recently posted in the “Latino Daily News”.

An undocumented immigrant in North Carolina has sued the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles for denying him a driver’s license despite having the required documents and passing all the tests.

The law firm McKinney Perry & Coalter filed suit Thursday on behalf of Erick Renteria, an 18-year-old resident of Greensboro.

While this issue may at the face of it seem to be that of a state denying someone a drivers license, at the heart of it is the issue of states’ rights and whether or not they have to extend rights and privileges to illegal immigrants.  Erick Renteria does not meet the current immigration status requirement of the state of North Carolina.  The federal government gave the applicant deferred action beneficiary because he was illegally brought over at one year of age by his parents.  However, North Carolina does not recognize the deferred status.

If that isn’t enough, it seems as if the DMV and the attorney general’s office disagree about what is a legal immigrant. One would think that the DMV is going to lose the court case with their own attorney general agreeing with the applicant.   Now one has to wonder why the DMV didn’t act in accordance with the opinion of the attorney general?

Absent from the article is the blaring question about what about Renteria’s illegal parents?  He said he needs the drivers license to do errands for the family.  Are they still in this country illegally?


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  1. James

    I believe that the DMV will lose this case because I my self have made reports to the INS about lots of illegal’s in north Carolina and all I can see is it’s a waist of a phone call you can get all the info they ask for and they still won’t do anything they come into this country and then bring their children here then its their own fault because we give them a education so if North Carolina can’t have their own local agency to do anything about it when we ask then let the DMV loose it would server them right that might be a start to us having our wages go back up and maybe we could speek English and read English again

    God bless North Carolina
    And the U.S.A.

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